"Why is the sky blue?

It's NOT! It's phalo green, colbalt violet,
paynes gray, cadmium yellow..."

Ned Martin
Ned Martin is an American Artist.
His oil paintings are of the new
genre: Abstract Photorealism
These are valuable links and resourses: These are artist whom I respect and admire.

My friends at JUST ART have made an excellent site for artist: Ned Martin is listed under the HYPER_REAL section.

www.justart-e.com Artist Directory

Ned Martin gets his dry pigments from RGH. Simply the best resource: quality, quality, quality!


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Ross Jones- a wonderful painter from New Zealand-- very Hopperesque with an amazing ability to tell a story succinctly.


Robert C. Jackson
Robert is not only an amazing painter-- he has written a wonderful book:

Behind the Easel: The Unique Voices of 20 Contemporary Representational Painters

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