Ned Martin

Two things struck me immediately when painting en plein air in the fields of Scotland: First, the sky ran right down into the horizon. I had been used to seeing a layer of haze in horizons in Eastern US.

Secondly, the clouds moved VERY quickly so it was like watching a movie in fast-forward. The shadows, the mood changed constantly so I had to decide the tone of the painting right away and stick with it.

"Hay Bails in Scotland" Oil on panel 9 x 12"

"I strapped my field easel (along with sandwiches and a bottle of wine) to a bicycle and started exploring until I found a view I couldn't resist."


As a Mid-town Manhattan Artist, Ned Martin paints what he sees everyday in hectic city life infused with a reverent notion of nature and community drawn from childhood memories of rural Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Ned's commentary on our fragmented global society manages to maintain an optimism that all is one; we are all still connected.

Ned Martin was a fine arts major at Towson State University in Maryland, followed by formal art training at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. The painter embraced the Schuler School experience and continues to grind his own paints. The experience of painting en plein air on the River Seine in Paris, in the fields of Scotland and on the volcanic islands in Nicaragua have helped shape his artistic vision.

Reclaimed aluminum printing plates have become Martin’s sole painting surface. He often intentionally leaves a hint of the used printing plate showing through the painted surface. Car ads, Disney or AAA logos and ad copy become part of the painting. “The imagery of the used printing plates is part of my expression—current social commentary that becomes embedded in the art forever,” Martin explains.

Artist Statement

I have long believed artist are like mirrors. It is my job to show back what others are missing while they go about their busy lives. I somehow wish my paintings were less biased yet, my own emotions from Life experiences are in each oil painting I paint. While I still struggle with the idea, I must be completely honest that every painting is a self-portrait.

Selected Art Exhibits:

May 2014 The Gallery at Penn College - PA

Nov 2013 Crisolart Gallery- Barcelona

June 2012 JMC Gallery- Mid-town Manhattan, NY

Sept 2011 STUDIO VOGUE- Toronto

Nov 2010 Florence Biennale- Florence

June 2009 Ico Gallery- Chelsea, NY

Nov 2008 Ico Gallery- Chelsea, NY

June 2007 Roca Gallery – Havre de Grace, MD

July 2006 Roca Gallery – Havre de Grace, MD

Oct 2005 Schuller School of Fine Art – Baltimore, MD

May 2004  Diddywopps Gallery -  Monkton, MD