"Behind every successful artist,
is one hell of a lot of toil."
Ned Martin
Ned Martin is an American Artist.
His oil paintings are of the new
genre: Abstract Photorealism.
Most Recent Paintings by Ned Martin
"Mind's Eye" Oil on aluminum 32x 35" Available
"Morning With Monet" Oil on Aluminum 32 x 35" Available
"Emperor"s Glory" Oils and gold leaf on aluminum 30 x 30" Available
"Fractals- white" Oil on aluminum 72 x 60" AVAILABLE
"Bread and Butterfly" Oil on aluminum AVAILABLE
"9 Apples" Oil on aluminum" AVAILABLE
"Dawn to Dusk" Oils and Gold Leaf on aluminum 33 x 33" AVAILABLE
"Emergence" Oil on aluminum 33 x 33" SOLD
"First Light" Oils and Gold Leaf on aluminum 30 x 30" AVAILABLE
"Patience of Nature" Oils on Aluminum 30 x 30" SOLD
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